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Imagine a world where when you arrive home,
viruses are your least concern.

Virus Protection

CIMR Technology is a multi-layered approach which destroys COVID-19 and other viruses. This virus is primarily transmitted through shared air and on surfaces that we touch.
CIMR® Scavenger Systems automatically and continuously destroy viruses in seen and unseen places. Our technology also has been tested and proven to kill Influenza, H5N8 Virus, MRSA, E-Coli, Streptococcus, Norovirus, Pseudomonas, Listeria, Salmonella, among many other biological threats.

Savings on HVAC Maintenance

Through our process, your HVAC system is actively cleaned and will stay that way, including the evaporator coil, duct-work, and vents. In return, you will save on costly filter replacement and HVAC cleaning.

Active Scavenging Systems

CIMR® Technology actively seeks and destroys viruses, germs, bacteria, mold, and other harmful microbials on surfaces and in the air.

Current filtration systems, such as HEPA and UV Lights, are passive technologies that require air and pathogens to be pulled through filters to be effective. These systems fail to destroy smaller particles, and they don’t decontaminate any surfaces.

Flood and Mold Mitigation

Flood water infiltration very often causes mold, bacteria, odor and other health risks in homes and businesses. CIMR® Technology safe and effective H2O2 gas permeates anywhere air can reach (Including behind walls) to kill these pathogens to restore walls, carpets, furniture, pictures, papers, and other personal belongings. CIMR® Tech results in less time out of the property and savings of 35 to 75% over traditional repairs.

Odor Control

CIMR® Technology attacks and kills odor-causing bacteria, mold, and fungi. If you have bad odors in whatever space you occupy, this is the product for you.

This technology also helps with pest control. It destroys the scent trail of insects, such as ants, so that they leave and don’t return.

Live a Healthier Life

CIMR® Technology is 100% human and pet safe. Our technology has been deemed safe for continuous use by OSHA. CIMR® will improve your quality of life by dramatically reducing the number of allergens in the shared air.

Welcome to a safe home!

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